You see figures and lines creating a rhythm and animals striking a pose. In the drawings by Aoi Huber, an artist based in Southern Switzerland, there’s some kind of cheerfulness and a unique accent only she can express. ”Sabato” is a brand of cups and plates with such charming drawings.
The name of the brand “Sabato” means Saturday in Italian. Saturday is the end of the weekdays and the beginning of the weekend. We hope your relaxing time like Saturdays will become special with Sabato. We took advantage of knowledge and techniques we have developed while creating Hasami Ware, everyday tableware we’ve been manufacturing for centuries, and created a new easy-to-use ceramic ware.



A house located on a hill in Southern Switzerland where the artist had lived with her late graphic designer husband Max Huber, and still lives to date, is full of their creative ideas and bits and pieces of their lives as artists. It is a modern space where contemporary furniture by her friends beautifully blends in and coexists with the tools she uses or casually placed art. This spiritually fulfilling environment is where Aoi Huber creates and it’s her source of inspiration.



The shape of the cups and mugs mildly widens towards the bottom. This shape is the result of a delicate calculation and consideration for the user’s view or action, so that the user can enjoy the characteristic drawing on the cups and mugs. We also chose thick rim, the color ivory, etc. while taking the size and usability into account to suit the user’s purposes. We are meticulous about the details so that they match the atmosphere the drawing creates.




Born in Tokyo in 1936. After graduated at Royal Academy in Sweden, moved to Italy in 1962. Worked as a illustrator with Max Huber and collaborated with Bruno Munari, Achille Castiglioni and many other designers. Published a picture book “il grande pesce” in 1968 and designed a wooden animal puzzle for Naef in 1975. She lives in Southern Switzerland with lovely cat named “Sabato”.




Design studio founded by Yusuke Hayashi and Yoko Yasunishi. Work in various design fields such as graphic, product and interior. Designed a paper globe “geografia”, canvas accessories “JOBU”, chair “VILLAGE and etc. They also develop original material such as a new plywood “Paper-Wood”.